As climbers, surfers, hikers, and the like, we understand that our well-being is closely linked to the health of the ecosystems that surround us. To act without inflicting damage on our extended communities is directly in our own self interest. This is the way we conduct ourselves in life and in our work.



Our apparel is designed to last many seasons under whatever conditions nature might throw at it. A longer-lasting product means that you buy less, we produce less, and there is less junk in the world as a result.


Our apparel is meant to take the place of multiple articles of clothing of the conventional variety. This means you can pack one pair of pants on your next trip instead of two or three.

made in the u.s.a

All of our gear is designed and finished in the U.S.A. This allows us to keep a close eye on the conditions of where our goods are produced to ensure humanitarian and environmental accountability. We source only from sustainable, accountable, and transparent manufacturers of textiles and materials, some of which are based in the U.S. and some internationally.

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