One pant to rule them all


This is our cornerstone: The Hornblende Pant. It is a response to the redundantly wide array of pants produced by many clothing-makers; we don’t have room in our bags to take six pairs of pants with us everywhere we go. The notion of having one pair of pants that works well in every situation intrigued us, and Atali Apparel Co. was born.

Our mission is not adulterated by preconceptions and huge overhead costs. We’re not fashion or business aficionados either. We are climbers, surfers, and travellers who know from experience what we need to back our daily pursuits.

Our goal is simply to bring you a quality pair of pants. These pants are made in small batches, so make sure to grab a pair in your size before they’re gone.

We plan to grow this company organically, so any and all willing compadres who want to help support a homegrown company like Atali, come forth!

Email us at with any beta, questions, concerns, dad jokes, etc.

-team atali

Jake Stein