Built in 1902


Built in 1902, this cabin stands from a time where the main affair around Lake Tahoe was mining. Our friends who owned the place allowed us a waterfront spot to set up camp, an opportunity seldom found for free in this area.

Surrounded a ways away on both sides by multimillion dollar estates, we relished in a sort of Lake Tahoe from a not-so-distant past, before city dwellers began calling this place their “second” home.

Parties on decks and boats created clammer during the day, but nights were filled only with the scuffling of a family of raccoons in the trees above our tents. The slow lapping of lake waves put us to sleep, and the sunrise over the lake stirred a primal sense of awakening each morning.

We come here for the seemingly unlimited rock that this region has to offer, and we leave each time with a strong sense of hardly having scratched the surface of Lake Tahoe’s climbing potential.

Jake Stein