The Spot



August 11th
Camping off the side of the road on Donner Pass is easy so we figure we'll stay here a while, up high and away from the crowded campgrounds of moving mansions.

The climbing around this area reaches far into the backcountry up what can hardly be called roads. More like dried up creek beds with boulders the size of microwaves and fallen trees blocking the way at every turn.

We roped back a couple snow-bent trees and rearranged the jumbled rocky roadbed to make our way to some secluded boulders. We saw one other climber for the whole first week.

Climbing at Castle Boulder and Coldwater Canyon pictured above. Sconey moves and high topouts left plenty of problems ticked and many more to look forward to until next time.

August 13th
We headed to South Lake to show a couple local amigos what our fascination with these tiny crumbled cliffs was all about.

Nerves were dulled and bodies were warmed with wine as the air blowing off the alpine lake grew progressively more brisk.

The rock seemed not to have been climbed at least since the last snow melted this spring, so although we knew someone had climbed here before, it was refreshing to touch holds not caked in chalk from overuse. 

Passing the psych to future Sconemasters is always a blast.

August 18th
The last few photos are of a buggy night sesh in space, and a couple photos as evidence that we DO CLIMB WITH ROPES SOMETIMES.


Photography - Jake Stein & Ryder England
Climbers - Nick, Mario, Ryder, Connell, Jake

Jake Stein