We are committed not only to wholeheartedly enjoying and appreciating the wild places in which we live and play, but also to preserving them for the future generations of life to come.

We are proud members of 1% for the Planet, a global movement committed to supporting sustainability initiatives since 2002. By donating 1% of our proceeds from sales annually, we are able to give back to nonprofits that help maintain healthy ecosystems worldwide.

We work to do our part by going against the "fast fashion" trend of the clothing industry, creating apparel that is responsibly sourced and produced, serves more than one purpose, and lasts a helluva long time.

The current state of our global ecosystem is a topic that we must keep present and alive in everyday conversation, extending our words into actions towards keeping our world wild. Day in and day out we must actively contribute to the effort to remedy humanity's past impacts and mitigate any further degradation to this gem of a planet.

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